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Typed Letter Signed: Atlas Shrugged

Typed Letter Signed: Atlas Shrugged
Typed Letter Signed, explaining Atlas Shrugged: "This is precisely the manner in which capitalism was defeated by altruism--as I have shown you in ATLAS SHRUGGED. Remember that the morality presented in ATLAS SHRUGGED is new, unprecedented and radically opposed to all the traditional versions of morality. You cannot expect it to be accepted by everyone at once." Typed Letter Signed by Ayn Rand, to a college student fan, pointing out how her novel, Atlas Shrugged, illustrates the impracticality and immorality of collectivism, explaining that modern philosophy is the cause of the broken spirit of students today, encouraging her to learn to defend the "right ideas" and persuade others in order to build an "intellectual Renaissance," and enclosing a brochure concerning the lectures of Objectivist Nathaniel Branden. 2 pages, 4to, personal stationery, typed on separate sheets; horizontal folds. With the original envelope. New York, 28 June 1960. Unparalled Ayn Rand, explaining some of the central ideas of Atlas Shrugged. No one has anything like it! Book #v1151. $22,500. We offer the world's largest collection of rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand in private hands. Do please inquire. Seller Inventory # C2203

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