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Whodunit: Kennedy or Hitler?

Whodunit:  Kennedy or Hitler?

“That’s that. Get yourself another publisher.” Was it Fuhrer Hitler, President Kennedy, or her publisher Bennett Cerf who said this to Ayn Rand after reading “The Fascist New Frontier,” ? Only here, in these 53 handwritten pages, will you witness what she wrote originally in its entirety and what her publisher read .

Whodunit, Kennedy or Hitler: “The Germans really are too good; therefore, people have ganged up on them to protect themselves”? In these 53 handwritten pages, including Rand’s extensive revisions and deletions, “The Fascist New Frontier” dares its largely pro-Kennedy audience to identify who authored and executed the indistinguishable “fine, progressive liberal program” of America’s Kennedy and Germany’s Hitler. (Fascism, noted one future head of state, is “the right thing for Germany.”) Often cited as Rand’s most provocative, only whodunit speech, “The Fascist New Frontier" juxtaposes passages from Kennedy and the Nazis bearing striking similarities, a number of which Rand deleted. Only this singular Ayn Rand speech, “The Fascist New Frontier,” changed the course of her personal and professional life. No other manuscript of hers claims this historic personal and professional distinction.

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