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JEFFERSON, Thomas: Signed Congressional Act: Fisheries for Training Sailors for War

JEFFERSON, Thomas: Signed Congressional Act: Fisheries for Training Sailors for War

SIGNED by Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson Signed Congressional Act Stressing the Importance of the Fisheries as a Source of Trained Sailors in Case of War."
Upon the whole, I consider the fisheries of the utmost importance to America, and her natural right thereto so clear and evident, that it does not admit of a debate, and to surrender them is a species of treason for which no punishment is too severe" (Thomas Paine, 1779). SIGNED by Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, Philadelphia, 16 February 1792: "An Act concerning certain Fisheries of the United States, and for the Regulation and Government of the Fishermen employed therein." Three pages (383 x 242 mm) on a bifolium, the act approved 16 February 1792. Leaves separated at central fold, light browning at edges, some very faint marginal spotting, horizontal fold-creases reinforced and lightly discolored, with a couple short marginal separations. On February 3, 1792 the Committee of the Whole began consideration of the bill for encouragement of the cod fisheries. As passed by the Senate, the first section of the bill replaced the existing drawback (of the import duty on salt) to exporters of salted fish with a new one based on tonnage to owners of fishing vessels. Debate on February 6 centered on the advantage which the bill bestowed on New England and stressed the importance of the fisheries as a source of trained sailors in case of war, emphasized by Thomas Paine as early as 1779. This Act resolves at last turbulent issues of national security for the newly independent states. A fine Jefferson signature. Book #Cv2112. $42,500. We specialize in rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand as well as other legends and landmarks.


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