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' "Francis Sinatra" signed Senate Filibuster

' "Francis Sinatra" signed Senate Filibuster

Sinatra: "this book of which I m so proud" (Frank Sinatra, Inscribed 1971). SIGNED CUSTOM Leather-bound 'Senate Filibuster for Frank' honoring Sinatra's unparalleled place as "the greatest entertainer the United States has ever had." ONE OF VERY FEW COPIES CUSTOM DESIGNED/SIGNED/GIFTED BY FRANK SINATRA AND INTENDED ONLY FOR HIS PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION. His book done His way! Custom-bound volume entitled in gilt lettering on the front cover, Senate Filibuster for FRANK, June 30, 1971, leather-bound hardcover with matching slipcase, 8.5 x 11.5, signed and inscribed on an opening page in black ink, "For Joe and Dee, The contents of this book, of which I'm so proud, come to you with my love and affectionate hopes for you both. Francis Sinatra, May 7-1973, Palm Springs." Specially bound according to Sinatra's specifications by the California Bookbinding Company in Hollywood, the volume contains a full copy of the Congressional Record, Vol. 117, No. 101, Proceedings and Debates of the 92nd Congress, First Session. featuring a transcript of a motion for a tribute to the singer-actor on pages 10324-10327 In fine condition. On June 30, 1971, the Senate took time to hear a Tribute to Frank Sinatra by former Vice President and Minnesota Senator Hubert H. Humphrey and California Senator John V. Tunney. In his opening remarks to his fellow senators, Tunney said, "It is a great pleasure to make a few remarks at what I consider to be a very important occasion for the people of California and for the country; namely, the retirement of a man who [sic] I consider to be the greatest entertainer the United States has ever had, Frank Sinatra. The volume includes four pages with a transcription of the full remarks by Tunney, Humphrey, and several other senators. Own a treasure owned and treasured by the Chairman of the Board! Book #Cv1004.


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