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The Only Path to Tomorrow: The Moral Basis of Individualism (The Fountainhead)

The Only Path to Tomorrow: The Moral Basis of Individualism (The Fountainhead)
Singular (First and Only) appearance in print in her lifetime, Ayn Rand s first-published non-fiction article, 1944, one year after The Fountainhead, clarifying many ideas essential to, in the following decades, John Galt s radio speech and The Virtue of Selfishness. Shortly after completing TF, Rand contracted with its publisher, Bobbs Merrill, to write a systematic account of the novels ethical/political foundations. Rand s working title was The Moral Basis of Individualism. This abridged version appeared in Reader s Digest, January, 1944, before Rand abandoned the project. 1st Edition, Oubklished as "The Only Path to Tomorrow, Condensed from The Moral Basis of Individualism. Covers show light staining; back cover has a penciled marks. No markings in within text. Magazine is complete with Rand's article, the first appearance in print of then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's article "American Women in the War, + many articles on WW II ("What it Takes to Bomb Germany," "How to Disarm Germany for Keeps."). Book #Pv5b121. $300. From the world's largest collection of rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand in private hands. Seller Inventory # P8103

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