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The New Enemies of "The Untouchables: Ayn Rand autograph manuscript.

The New Enemies of "The Untouchables: Ayn Rand autograph manuscript.
"I write a weekly column for the Los Angeles Sunday Times and I love being a girl-reporter." Autograph manuscript signed for Los Angeles Times. New York: June 26, 1962. Ten pages of white 8 12 x 10-inch paper, written on rectos only, showing Rand's word count; housed in a custom clamshell box. Accompanied by a typed version of the article Ten-page autograph manuscript signed, with additions and deletions in Rand's hand, of her weekly Sunday column, The Ayn Rand Column. This column, her fourth, "The New Enemies of The Untouchables," which appeared in the July 8, 1962 LA Times, extols the virtues of popular television crime shows while condemning F.C.C. censorship. In this ten-page, handwritten manuscript, Rand praises the contemporary television crime shows and Westerns and criticizes the "statists inside and outside" the Federal Communications Commission for its threats to "dictate the content of programs by bureaucratic edict, which means: by force." As well, here one can see in Rand's pen her first-published remarks on her esthetic philosophy, articles that would later (1969) appear in her book, The Romantic Manifesto. With a copy editor's marks in red pencil and a word count tally in ordinary pencil at the bottom of each page. The manuscript is signed by Rand in the heading on the first page of text. This column in particular has an engaging history. Rand "hit the roof" when the Times accidentally dropped a line from this column. Rand s original text noted that "the appeal of crime stories and Westerns does not lie in the element of violence, but in the element of moral conflict and moral purpose" (Ayn Rand, The New Enemies of The Untouchables, This Manuscript). The mangled version which appeared in print, however, conveyed the opposite of her wording and intended meaning: "the appeal of crime stories and Westerns does not lie in the element of moral conflict and moral purpose" (Los Angeles Times, July 8, 1962, G-2. In a subsequent letter to a reader, editor-in-chief Nick B. Williams sheepishly admitted that "Miss Rand, who reads the Times very carefully, hit the roof." (Letter from Nick B. Williams to Mary Seibold dated July 17, 1962. Los Angeles Times Collection, box 459, folder 11, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California). A correction was published the next week. Further, Rand sent the August, 1962 issue of her periodical, The Objectivist Newsletter, which reproduced this article exactly as Rand had written it, to Robert Stack, star of the TV show The Untouchables, with a handwritten note. This item is available as well. Staple holes and a rust mark from early stapling. Fine condition. Book #Pv1121. $30,000. From the world's largest collection of rare, signed, photographed, and manuscript Ayn Rand in private hands. Seller Inventory # Pv1121

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