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Pamphlets on Capitalism, Abortion, Psychology by Ayn Rand and Edith Packer

Pamphlets on Capitalism, Abortion, Psychology by Ayn Rand and Edith Packer
Four pamphlets on Objectivism and Capitalism, Abortion and Psychology by Ayn Rand and Edith Packer, each, long out-of-print and no longer available in this form. The Rand pamphlets include a reproduction of Francisco's speech in Atlas Shrugged called "The Meaning of Money" reprinted by the Shaker Savings Association. Also by Rand is her article "Requiem for Man," an analysis of the papal encyclical condemning abortion.The other 2 are by psychoterapist Dr. Edith Packer: "Understanding the Subconscious" and "The Art of Introspection," both originally published in The Objectivist Forum (to which Ayn Rand occasionally contributed) in 1985. "The Revolt Against Affluence: Galbraith's Neo-Feudalism," Both Packer articles and Rand's "The Meaning of Money" are in fine condition. Rand's "Requiem" has underlining in the first paragraph only. The top half of the cover, still holding, is loose and has light pencilled words along the top. A very scarce collection of pamphlets on Objectivism. Book #P84023. $100. From the largest collection of rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand on the planet!. Seller Inventory # 000361

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