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Our Cultural Value-Deprivation

Our Cultural Value-Deprivation
"Where--in today's culture--can a man find any values or any meaningful pleasures" asks Ayn Rand throughout her April 10, 1966 lecture at Boston's Ford Hall Forum, where she continued to lecture annually. This unique Rand item, a discussion of the value-impoverishment of the 1960's, contains the LP recording of Rand's lecture encased in the ORIGINAL jacket SIGNED by Ayn Rand. Also included are 2 issues of Rand's periodical, The Objectivist, April and May, 1966, which reproduce Rand's lecture. Missing from most Ayn Rand collections. Book #P1403. $2100. We offer the largest collection of rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand on the planet!. Seller Inventory # P1403

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