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Introducing Objectivism with Signed Handwritten Letter

Introducing Objectivism with Signed Handwritten Letter
Autograph Letter SIGNED [ALS] + Fascinating Rand rarity. A letter signed with her initials by Ayn Rand accompanied with her own article(s) she wanted her addressee to see. Though the recipient is not named, overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to Emmy Award winning actor Robert Stack, who played Elliot Ness on TV's "The Untouchables" (1959-63). In this rare handwritten letter, Rand writes: "I thought you might be interested to see the reprint of my L.A. Times column on The Untouchables in the current issue of our newsletter. We have reprinted it in order to give it circulation among our readers -- most of whom, I would guess, are your admirers. Cordially, AR 7/27/62" In Letters of Ayn Rand (LOAR, 1995), Rand addressed her first letter to "Mr. Stack," on July 25, 1962, two days before this ALS. "Stack wrote to AR after reading her article, "The New Enemies of 'The Untouchables,'" which appeared July 8, 1962 in The Los Angeles Times (LOAR, 597). "You are the only actor I have ever seen who is able to project heroism and integrity convincingly," she wrote him in reply. It is very likely that Rand delayed mailing her typed letter until she was able to enclose this ALS, clipped to the August, 1962 issue of The Objectivist Newsletter (TON), included in this archive. Both Ayn Rand's letter and the issue of TON with her pink highlighting are in fine condition with only a faint paperclip impression to the top edges. This issue of TON contains the first appearance in print of several of Rand s most important articles, some later anthologized in her books. In her lead article, "The Conflicts of Men s Interests," Rand elucidates the Objectivist principle that the interests of rational men do not clash. In "Introducing Objectivism," she offers her first full-length article summarizing the philosophy of Objectivism. Co-publisher Nathaniel Branden answers the question: Are periodic depressions inevitable in a system of laissez-faire capitalism? And in "The New Enemies of the Untouchables," she argues that the persistent, superficial attacks of TV s The Untouchables originate from the show s popular appeal and its virtues: its moral conflict and moral purpose. All four articles are complete within this issue of TON. The TON issue ends with the Objectivist Calendar, a notice of upcoming events related to Rand and Objectivism. A Rand acquisition of unparalleled rarity. Book #vP1326. $6800. From the world s largest collection of rare, signed, and manuscript Ayn Rand. Seller Inventory # vP1326

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