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RAND, Ayn: Anthem SIGNED "Author's Binding" of Anthem, the most elusive Ayn Rand acquisition. ONE OF FEWER THAN 50 COPIES DESIGNED/SIGNED/GIFTED BY AYN RAND AND INTENDED ONLY FOR HER PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION. Following the success of her breakthrough novel The Fountainhead and Warner Bros purchase of its movie rights, Rand, now financially successful, ordered a custom red leather binding of Anthem she would sign and send to colleagues, friends, and associates. According to Rand's bibliographer, Vincent Perinn, the number of copies Rand ordered was "fewer than 50, most of which are inscribed for presentation." Rand had revised Anthem in 1946 for American publication, editing for style, rewording some passages, and cutting some excessive language. "No idea or incident was added or omitted; the theme, content and structure are untouched" (From Rand's Foreword). This bespoke copy of Anthem has the same pedigree as the First American Edition, Second Issue, which had a first printing run of 1500 paperwrap copies. This copy, however, is handcrafted to Rand's specifications. In almost a half century of hunting Ayn Rand, this is the only copy I've ever seen, The Holy Grail! Book #Pv1101. $125,000. From the world's largest collection of rare, signed, manuscript, and photographed Ayn Rand in private hands. Seller Inventory # Pv1101

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